It is a VR platform that can use in diverse fields ranging from industrial VR for the productive activity to VR contents for experience and education as using 'KOVI Achi' which has flexible extendability.


It is a business platform that produces, experiences, and shares VR, AR, MR, 360VR, etc. by providing VR solutions tailored to the needs of experts, consumers, and manufacturers, which are the three main components of the service, as an O2O service specialized in the architectural and interior fields of VR CORE.

이미지 Manufacturer
이미지 Experts
이미지 Consumer

Experts Maximizing sales power by using the KOVI Archi S series

For a group of interior experts, we are providing SaaS services 'KOVI Archi S' series (including KOVI Kitchen S, KOVIbiltin In S) which platforms are PC-based programs specialized in interior designing. Experts produce VR bird's-eye view of post-construction by utilizing KOVI Archi S solution, and provide VR, AR, 360VR, etc. to consumers' mobile devices to maximize their sales power.


Consumer Experience on VR with mobile-based KOVI House

We provide 'KOVI House' which you can design and experience interior design through VR on mobile by. The lite version of the professional 'KOVI archi S' provides almost the same contents of the full version to users. In particular, with KOVI Archi S's Sync. features of the experts version and the manufacturers version, you can experience high-quality VR contents such as VR, AR, and 360VR through mobile devices, and share them on social media. More than 100,000 apartment drawings are provided, and services are scheduled to be expanded to real estate, move, etc. in the future.

Manufacturer Customizes KOVI Archi S solutions for manufacturer's specifications

We provide all-in-one VR solutions that can do the consulting, the estimating, and the ordering by using the customized solution for the manufacturer's pecifications, based on the 'KOVIArchi S' for the professionals.



VR CORE 'KOVI Archi' provides VR solutions that are manufactured to satisfy the specifications required by the relevant industries such as spatial management, control, analysis, job training, and store management.

이미지 Spatial management
이미지 Control
이미지 Analysis
이미지 Job Training
이미지 Store management

Field of job training

It is developed by Unreal or Unity engines to provide VR-based education/training simulators in industrial sites that demand people to take the burden of high risk and to get expertise, like electrical facilities. VR-based simulators that are not restricted by spatial or temporal elements provide education/training simulators based on visual reality.


Field of Spatial Management

To effectively manage complex and diverse assets such as space, land, and equipment within an institution, an integrated spatial management system developed mainly by Unity engines is provided as it is required to have diverse functions such as systematic and unified management of space and asset resources and modification of space.

Field of Control Area

It collects and analyzes various object information managed by the system according to the construction site, factory, and security industries, and provides an control solution for intuitively managing and controlling the information by efficiently visualizing it in the three-dimensional virtual space.


Field of analysis

The company provides a solution that can simulate the analysis results on various platforms such as PC, mobile, web, etc. by linking with the analysis module in the industry, such as communication, thermal conductivity, and component analysis based on 3D spatial data and 3D objects.

Feild of store management

Visual Merchandising Display (VMD) elements, such as layout composition, movement line adjustment, and space-considering product placement, are applied to a store management solution that provides a visual view of the data. In particular, it is possible to check the change of sales due to the change in product placement and movement lines through the linkage with the sales DB.