We can check the design without having to install KOVI archi S. Check out the design on any device, PC, tablet, cell phone, with the viewer provided by KOVI House

KOVI platform

Mobile-Based VR Service KOVI HOUSE

It's an interior community service that focuses on memberships of the KOVI Online community. You'll find a variety of information, including bird's-eye view images, construction cases, and interior material information produced by the KOVI program.

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Social network service SNS-based mobile service

Based on SNS, it is easy to understand the interior needs of ordinary consumers. In addition, you can communicate your opinions directly to consumers, enabling quick, real-time consultations.


Map-based service Exposure business through businessesMap-based search

As the location of companies using KOVI Archi exposed on the map, consumers understand it easily.

Easy consultation Quick and easy consultation between users and experts

Convenient 1:1 consultation in anytime, on anywhere! It is a new service that allows you to consult with a large number of users at the same time and to share consumer-generated results and ask for estimates.


Antenna Shop Working as a local representative company

Antenna Shop can select the best local companies among about the 10,000 members who are using KOVI Archi and the companies act as a representative local company. If you're selected as an antenna shop, you can enjoy the special benefits of KOVI House

VR Viewer KOVI archi S - KOVI House Interlink

At the Kobe House on your phone, PC, and tablet, You can enjoy the VR, 360VR, and high-quality images that you worked on KOVI Archi.