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It is a solution that manages overall data visually with Visual Merchandising Display (VMD) elements, such as layout composition, movement line adjustment, and space-considering product placement.

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Automatic System Samsung Television Exhibition Simulator We have built a simulator for the automatic arrangement of TVs in Samsung Electronics' overseas stores.

  1. Automatic arrangement of top priority product line as analyzing types and sizes of store space Automatically performing arrangement option algorithm based on the characteristics of each product line effects in time-saving
  2. Using Techonology: 3D CAD, VR, AI, CG
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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    LG Electronics Co., Ltd.
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LG Electronics Co., Ltd. 3D TV Display Automation System

We have developed a simulator for automatic TV placement in LG Electronics' domestic stores.

  1. Automatically arranged by optimizing rack and layout according to the type of store space
  2. Highlighted locations accroding to space and Golden Zone according to display stand
  3. Using Tehnology : 3D CAD, VR, AI, CG

Samsung Electronics's Mobile Shop System of Display Simulation

The simulation system for automatic placement has established in Samsung Electronic's overseas mobile shops.

  1. Make DB of the width, height, quantity, type, etc. of the display stand
  2. Support understanding information fast and intuitively by visualizing in the three-dimensional virtual reality
  3. Implementing automatic layout according to regulations of space and usage such as entrance, wall, consultation space, warehouse, and display stand
  4. Using Technology : 3D CAD, VR, AI ,CG
Samsung Electronics's Mobile Shop
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